tahini machine

Tahini machine

Machine information

Product Description

The peeled, roasted and ready-to-grind sesame is added to the machine basin, and with one click, it begins grinding and the tahini comes out from the other side quickly, easily and smoothly.

Dimensions of the tahini machine: the floor area is 29 * 29 cm and the height is 73 cm.

Electricity consumption: 5 kilowatt hours.

Production capacity: 40-50 kilos per hour.

Machine weight: 38 kg and it is easy to carry and install.

Multifunction: hazelnut – peanut – sesame.

Made entirely of stainless steel and food grade.

It does not drip when closed and is equipped with a ball valve system.

One working hand is able to operate it with just one button.

Important note :

Each kilo of sesame produces 1 kg of tahini